Tuesday, September 30, 2008

remind myself..... (and an advice to everyone too i hope)

haiz.. whenever ppl or rather couples, husband n wife etc quarrel, i tend to get affected too.. whenever such things happen, i always have these ques in mind.....

why must quarrel..
why is it tt when they start to noe each other, when they were in their honeymoon period it can be so sweet, everythin can turn out so well??

i always tink abt this n i hope i can reflect n do the same thing if the time comes.. i wan myself to rem wad i wana tell every other ppl..

i hope ppl can rem y did they fall in love with each other.. wad is it tt make them so happy when they first got together.. y cant tt feeling last??

i wana make myself always rem tt feeling n tink abt all those sweet memories.. to avoid conflicts, i wan myself to not noe too much coz i noe knowin too much is nt a bless.. i wan myself nt to focus so much on money coz i noe its the evil cause for everythin.. i wan to live each day happily with no worries..

i hope i can do it!! jia you!!

Saturday, September 20, 2008

What is going on?!

ohh.. a long time since i came back here..

Just this one week itself, I lost 2 pairs of my slippers!! One at my bf's house, the other at my house!! N its only mine tts gone!! May I know who is so free?! There are really ppl who have so much time to spend on causing trouble to others..

OK, enough of my frustration, there are happy moments this week too.. I organised a mini lantern festival gathering with my TKD club ppl n we (i hope) had so much fun.. I am very touched by all of them. I felt so glad tt EVERYONE participated actively in the games i organised.. N THANK YOU JASON, Alan n Sean for the chicken rice treat.. Congrats to Jason for clinching the 3rd prize for the SIMply YOU talent show.. at least Felicia n my slipper didnt got worn-out for nothin.. haha..

Also, my sis, my cousins n i went Singapore Flyer!! It was quite fun especially to see my cousin so scare tt she dun dare to move abt.. haha..

oh ya.. i graduated too!! haha.. but till now i haven find work..

Wednesday, October 17, 2007

wad a damn day!!

I AM SO DISGUSTED BY WAD YOUNGSTERS DO TODAY and wonder wad went wrong in the family upbringing of them!! i dun blame schs coz i feel tt its the parents fault or rather the youngsters fault for not being brought up well.. where is their manners?! they are simply too free!!

alright my story goes like this:

i was walkin past the void deck n saw a bunch of youngsters, abt 7 of them, 2 in sch uniform (white top and blue bottom), which i suspect are students frm FIRST TOA PAYOH sec sch as its in toa payoh area. as i walk pass them, i heard somethin droppin beside mi n i later realised it was actually a raw egg which the ill-mannered youngsters used to hit at me.. i was lucky as i walked fast enough.. i stared at them.. i was alone, without any hp.. they pretend to do their own things, later looked at me and laugh!! if u've got the guts, own up for the things u do!! COWARDS!!

i went home n called the police and went down again but they were gone!! i was definitely annoyed by it!! i swear i would confront them the next time i see them.. as i noe they live ard this area, hang ard dis area in a big gang, creates lots of noise, they are sure to invite more trouble witht he AA(attract attention) nature..

too bad.. my bf thinks im makin a big fuss over it.. but im sure im not gona let them off if tt egg reali hit mi.. anyway they better pray to god tt i dun meet them.. if not, i will mkae sure they have a suffering future.. anyway, they will..

the lesson i've learnt here is to always have my hp with mi so tt in case of any emergency, i could call for help..

oso, how i wish i could form a gang, but a good gang tt only help ppl, stand up for rights n justice n not a gang of bo liaoz ppl, bullying ppl, wastin their life, wastin resources.. in the past, ah beng n ah lian were meant to be helpful etc like wad my mother have told me.. but im so disappointed tt these days, the youngsters so are action in their so-called ah beng, which is actually an insult to the ah bengs in the past..

maybe i will be fine when i wake up... anyway, hell to those who offended me!! especially the youngsters which i met today!! there shall be KARMA!! well im kind enough, lets make them suffer 10 times worse will do.. =)

Friday, July 27, 2007

bf at reservist

hmm.. my bf went for reservist 1 week le.. 2 more weeks to go.. like so busy n not much time for each other.. well.. this is life.. hmm..

Monday, July 16, 2007

girl girl & boy boy

wow.. its been a long time since i make a return.. haha.. anyway, nothin much to say.. jus wana upload a few photos to record my memories..
Haha.. i manage to find this keychain as featured in tv, ch8 9pm show "switched", at amk hub, young generation.. $10.95.. so happy.. haha

well.. nothin new.. this is taken quite long ago.. but jus upload now.. its our ring.. hehe..

n this is my cute bf.. haha.. kei ai ma.. we went for NDP'07 rehearsal.. thanks to his bro..

Wednesday, April 11, 2007

Fun presentations.. =)

For last wk n this wk, i have been so busy with sch work n reali cant breathe.. no time to sleep too.. had marketing ppt, com242 ppt, ntr109 r.p., com300 ppt, com300 r.p., com125 ppt......... However, now:

After all the planting and sowing, we've gotten our fruits of achievement!!

The Cutey Princessy Cherries!!
Haha.. ok people, pls dun be disgusted by us.. This is our hardwork n effort k.. we sacrifice for our presentation ok.. okay, our topic was on media cultivation and so, from some of the research we have found, one way media has cultivated us into is the "act cute phenomenon" for gals!! So, our enthu head n vice-head (Sabrina & Andrea)--> the two most act cute from the pic, one with the hand up while the other with the leg<-- suggested that we dress up and make up to make ourselves look cute.. indeed, we had fun (esp stickin on the fake lashes, haha.. had a hard time.. our kind n 'skillfull' Andrea helped us with it.. like a mama-san.. haha.. Dionne, Joanne n I felt like we cldnt open our eyes..) initially, I was "ee-year-ing" thru'out the make up session and they all ask mi to shut up.. haha.. forgive me, i jus cldnt stand the sight of the long fake lash coz i dun have much lashes.. haha.. but eventually, i thot it looks nice n reali had an enlarging effects.. all we did was worth it.. so enjoyable.. tink our lecturer, Mr Kevin Lim likes it quite alot.. he even requested for our photos to be posted in our academic blog..

The Ultimate 'Gamers'!!
(hey Andrea, mind ur gun k.. dun "zou huo" n shoot me hor.. i sue u ah..)

alright, dun tink we're crazy k thou we're close to it.. haha.. the above outfits were wad we thot of for our another presentation on online gaming.. to make the lesson more interesting, our same heads, Andrea & Sabrina, proposed that we wear clothes that resembles any game character.. so can u guess who r we?? haha.. ok, the first one in blue is Liyana, she rep a character from Final Fantasy dunno wad wizzard people i tink.. =p then followed by Sabrina, i tink u all shld noe who she is by her M hat.. she's pirated Mario.. haha.. then here comes the "big" boobs Andrea.. she is the tomb raider dunno wad.. i helped her in creating that "swell" infront of her 'chest'.. haha.. ok then is me!! guess who?! im street fighter Ryu!! haha.. n the next one, quite obvious oso, is Sailor Moon, acted by Jasmine.. the last is Rosalyn, a CS character.. finally, the most normal lookin guy in our pic is our lecturer.. Mr Kevin Lim.. tink he's fantasized by our ppt.. haha.. we got full grade for our ppt!! hooray!! haha.. thanks alot man.. =b

Finally, quickly "siam", i gonna 'chut' power.. "argh-duh-gan, orh-yew-gan" muahahahaha..
'kan zhao, jie zhao ba'..... cool huh.. so man.. *bluek* anyway, i feel i look quite shuai in black belt so im gona go for gradin till i get my black belt for TKD thou it may not be ez..

*special thanks to Alan Ho, my TKD ex-president for lending me his black belt.. haha..*
*also, special thanks to my bf for providing a listening ear.. hehe*

Have fun everyone.. exams coming!! arghhhhhh.. -poof-

Saturday, April 7, 2007

Bonus Mission #2: Why is Second Life not a game?

Second Life is an Internet-based virtual world which came to international attention via mainstream news media in late 2006 and early 2007. Second Life was founded by former RealNetworks CTO Philip Rosedale through Linden Lab. Its users have been increasing from 1 million registered accounts as of 18 October, 2006, to now 5 million registered accounts, 26 March, 2007. In general, Residents can explore, meet other Residents, socialize, participate in individual and group activities, create and trade items and services from one another (“Second Life”, 2007). These avatars (Residents) interact with each other, start up businesses, stage their own concerts, sell real estate and design fashion lines (“CNN”, 2006).

While Second Life is sometimes referred to as a game, it does not have points, scores, winners or losers, levels, an end-strategy, or most of the other characteristics of games. The below features of Second Life, proves why it is not just a game:

1) Communication and transport

Within Second Life, there are two main methods of text-based communication: local chat, and global "instant messaging" (known as IM). Chatting is used for public localized conversations between two or more avatars, and can be "heard" within 25 m. Avatars can also 'shout' ('audible' within 100 m) and 'whisper' ('audible' within 10 m). IM is used for private conversations, either between two avatars, or between the members of a group (“Second Life”, 2007).

This feature of being able to chat within different distances is unlike of other available games. Also, for most games, its nature is to compete with each other and complete the game. It is very seldom that people will chat in games. Thus, this interactive nature of Second Life makes it more than a game.

2) Economy and real estate

Second Life has its own economy and a currency referred to as Linden Dollars (L$) at around L$ 270 to one US dollar. Residents create new goods and services, and buy and sell them in the Second Life virtual world. Residents derive net incomes from this economy, ranging from a few hundred to several thousand US$ per month. Premium members can own land (“Second Life”, 2007).

Statistics have shown that the currency in Second Life is actually very high as compared to the real-world. From data found in Second Life website on 7 April, 2007, The US$ spent last 24 hours was $1,803,863. This is definitely a huge amount of money and it rare to happen in other games. The economical skills and trade in Second Life makes it more than mere entertainment.

3) Creation and copyright

Residents of Second Life create most of the content of the world. The creator can mark an item as "no copy," which means that no copies of it can be made by others, "no mod," which means that others may not modify the item's characteristics, and "no trans," which means that the current owner may not give it to another. Also, not only live music performances take place in Second Life, Residents are setting up business and even an embassy (“Second Life”, 2007).

In many other games, there is little mention regarding users copyright etc. However, in Second Life, Residents are in-charge of their own items and can create their own properties. This is very much alike as real life. The creation and copyright system proves again Second Life to be not just a game.

4) Education in Second Life

Second Life has recently emerged as one of the cutting-edge virtual classrooms for major colleges and universities. Second Life fosters a welcoming atmosphere for administrators to host lectures and projects online, selling more than 100 islands for educational purposes (“Second Life”, 2007).

A growing number of educators are getting caught up in the wave. More than 60 schools and educational organizations have set up shop in the virtual world and are exploring ways it can be used to promote learning. The three-dimensional virtual world makes it possible for students taking a distance course to develop a real sense of community and it is a good way to introduce international perspectives, said Rebecca Nesson, who leads a class jointly offered by Harvard Law School and Harvard Extension School in the world of "Second Life" (“CNN”, 2006).

There is obvious growing popularity of Second Life amongst lecturers. The real-time interaction encourages students to engage in discussion, hence making them more interested in the things they do, ultimately enhancing learning. Using Second Life as an educational tool breaks the norm of game being mere entertainment. Current MMORPGs’(e.g. World of Warcraft) game strategies are to role-play and kill monsters etc. The usual games lack the factor of education. Therefore, with this educational feature of Second Life, it is beyond entertainment.

In conclusion,
Second Life is more than a game for entertainment as compared to the other games. However, due to its many features in Second Life, it brings about ethical issues (e.g. pornography) and concerns about game addiction. Therefore, one must think critically and practice moderation so that the pros of Second Life do not turn into cons.


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